27 graphic designers to follow on Instagram

With over 400 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most effective social media networks for graphic designers. The image-based platform lets you capture and share the world around you, and gives you a sneaky peek into what others are up to, too, including your favourite graphic designers.

To help you find the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of the most inspiring, interesting and forward-thinking creatives on the platform, creating everything from pixel art toexperimental design. Follow these inspirational designers and illustrators and you can’t go far wrong.

01. Seb Lester

If there’s such a thing as the Godfather of Instagram, Seb Lester is surely it. The British artist and designer stole the show with his hypnotic short videos showing him reinterpret the world’s most famous logos – Nike, The Gap, Star Wars, The New York Times and more – using calligraphy. He aims to reward his one million-plus Instagram followers with a new post every day, so you’ll always find something new.

02. Zeitguised

 graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Zeitguised
Zeitguised’s Instagram account is as vibrant as the studio’s portfolio site

For tantalising design, acute art, handmade algorithms and bespoke generative processes, try the Instragram account of award-winning Berlin-based studio Zeitguised – it’s as bonkers as they are. If you like vibrant colour, beautiful textures and a healthy dose of just plain weird, you’ll get a bucket-load of inspiration from this talented team.

03. Mike Kus

 graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Mike Kus
Graphic designer Mike Kus was one of the first to adopt Instagram

No collection of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram would be complete without UK-based designer and illustrator Mike Kus. With a staggering 849,000 followers, expect stunning shots of British beaches and countryside with lots of artistic shapes and geometric lines, plus some dramatic photography to add to your photo stream.

04. Daniel Aristizabal

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Daniel Aristizabal
If you’re not already following Daniel Aristizabal on Instagram, have a gander of his work now

Colombian digital artist, graphic designer and illustrator describes his work as “pop surrealism”. Saturated with science references, retro hues and bold, geometric patterns, if you’re in the mood for the absurd – and his 76,500 followers suggest there’s an interest – look no further.

05. Hey Studio

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Hey Studio
Hey Studio updates its Instagram account with everything from work to photos

Hey Studio isn’t one of Spain’s most exciting practising graphic design studios for nothing. Ricardo Jorge, Veronica Fuerte and Mikel Romero have a cult following – and the studio’s Instargam account shows why. Stunning geometric shapes from their latest works juxtapose snaps of the team in action: it’s a great way to keep up with the action.

06. Annie Atkins

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Annie Atkins
Keep up with Annie Atkins on Instagram

Specialising in graphic design for film, Annie Atkins created the incredible graphic props for The Grand Budapest Hotel – as well as The Boxtrools, Penny Dreadful and more. Atkins posts insight into her working process on Instagram, plus candid shots of her daily surroundings.

07. Gmunk

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Gmunk
Atmospheric shots of Gmunk’s surroundings offer an insight into his world

From imposing architecture to close-ups of condensation on a toilet cistern, American designer Gmunk’s atmospheric Instagram account records his extensive work and travel adventures, while offering a glimpse into the mind of the man responsible for Tron’s opening titles.

08. Jon Contino

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Jon Contino
You’ll find plenty to keep you occuped on Jon Contino’s Instagram account

Well-known artist and designer Jon Contino uses his Instagram account to showcase his work, which is often done in collaboration with other NY brands. Whether you’re interested in illustration, branding or product design, this is a great account to take inspiration from.

09. Stefan Sagmeister

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Stefan Sagmeister
Stefan Sagmeister has inspired generations of creatives throughout his career

Voted in Computer Arts magazine as the most influential graphic designer of the last 20 years, Stefan Sagmeister is currently presenting his favourite daily vinyl artwork on Instagram – it’s a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the most successful graphic designers of our time.

10. Anthony Burrill

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Anthony Burrill
Make sure you check out Anthony Burrill’s Instagram ‘ball project’

The work of well-known graphic artist, print-maker and designer Anthony Burrill is exhibited in museums around the world, but if you’re looking to understand what inspires the man behind the art, give his Instagram account a follow.

11. Kate Moross

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Kate Moross
You’ll find inspiring images in abundance on Kate Moross’ Instagram account

For a hit of colour when creativity levels are dipping, try Kate Moross. The director of Studio Moross – and recently named within the three most inspiring graphic designers of the last 20 years by Computer Arts – is well-known for her bubblegum pop aesthetic and love of Japan.

12. Alex Trochut

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Alex Trochut
Spanish designer and artist Alex Trochut is one to watch on Instagram

Barcelona-born, Brooklyn-based artist, graphic designer, illustrator and typographer Alex Trochut has won a devoted fanbase thanks to his unique brand of illustrated typography and geometric flair. He posts work updates and insights into his “permanent workaholidays” on Instagram – and his 36.3k followers love it.

13. Ryan Bosse

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Ryan Bosse
Ryan Bosse is passionate about creating uniquely constructed brand identities, thought-provoking packaging and powerful print materials

Designer for San Francisco-based agency Stout by day and freelance designer by night, Ryan Bosse posts a real mix of photos to his Instagram account. From snaps of Golden Gate Bridge to his chicken waffle breakfast, we love the variety of pictures he shares with his followers.

14. Kristian Hay

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Kristian Hay
Don’t miss Kristian Hay on Instagram

Canadian graphic designer Kristian Hay shares some really cool pictures of his life in Vancouver. From ice hockey to cars to travel, his account is an eclectic mix. We particularly love his sunset snaps.

15. Dan Mather

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Dan Mather
Dan Mather is another graphic designer to keep an eye out for on Instagram

Screenprinter and graphic designer Dan Mather captures some brilliant colour shots on his Instagram account. If you’re a keen cyclist – particularly of the fixed kind – then make sure you give him a follow for some truly cool bike snaps.

16. Riley Cran

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Riley Cran
There’s a lot of lovely lettering on Riley Cran’s Instagram

Passionate about packaging design? Then make sure you follow US designer Riley Cran. Specialising in identity, packaging and illustration, Cran snaps his creative finds to an Instagram account that oozes cool.

17. Brenton Clarke

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Brenton Clarke
Brenton’s expressive work runs the gamut from crisp, bold graphics to inspiring nature photography

Visual designer for Verizon Wireless and artist for Tinker*Mobile, Brenton Clarke takes some brilliant and dramatic shots of the outdoors. With spectacular use of colour, make sure all you keen photographers give him a follow.

18. Erik Marinovich

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Erik Marinovich
Erik Marinovich is a talented lettering artist and designer, and is a co-founder of Friends of Type

If you’re a typography fan, then make sure you’re going to love Erik Marinovich’s account. A letterist and designer based in San Francisco, Marinovich has worked for a roster of big name clients including New York Times, Wired and Nike.

19. Mike Perry

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Mike Perry
Keep up with Mike Perry on Instagram

With over 57,000 followers, Mike Perry is a man of many talents. He has extensive experience in the art and design worlds, and his Instagram account includes snapshots of his work and travels.

20. Alex Donne-Johnson

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Alex Donne-Johnson
Dazzle Ship founder Alex Donne-Johnson has some stunning work on Instagram

For beautiful 3D artwork, futuristic lettering and top-class photography, keep an eye on the Instagram account of Dazzle Ship studio founder and creative director Alex Donne-Johnson – also known as Vector Meldrew. His latest contribution to #36daysoftype was likened to a ‘Saturn feather pillow pretzel’ [pictured top-left] – an apt description, we’re sure you’ll agree.

21. Will Bryant

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Will Bryant
For a hand-drawn feel, check out Will Bryant on Instagram

Will Bryant is a designer, artist, illustrator and part-time graphic design lecturer in Portland. His Instagram account is a comic mix of his work, his inspirations and life in the city famous for arty hipster hangouts.

22. Lauren Hom

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Lauren Hom
California-born, formerly Brooklyn-based designer and letterer Lauren Hom is currently traveling the world

Designer and letterer Lauren Hom is the founder of lettering blogDailyDishonesty.com. Her Instagram account shares some of the snippy sayings from the blog, as well as her passion for baking and travel snaps.

23. Kyle Wilkinson

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Kyle Wilkinson
Kyle Wilkinson an award-winning British designer from Yorkshire, England

Hacksaw founder and graphic designer Kyle Wilkinson is one to watch. As well as glimpses from his stunning portfolio of work, you’ll find in-progress shots of the man at work alongside his product work too.

24. Tad Carpenter

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Tad Carpenter
Follow the wonderful world of Tad Carpenter on Instagram

Designer, illustrator, author and teacher Tad Carpenter shares his passion for fun and colourful design on his Instagram account with snapshots of his work, as well as quirky design finds. A great one to follow if you’re a fan of character design.

25. Anna Dorfman

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Anna Dorfman
Anna Dorfman designs book covers and more

The Instagram account of designer Anna Dorfman oozes cool. With snaps of her work, dogs and Brooklyn life, it’s a fun and quirky account to add to your list.

26. Gavin Strange

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Gavin Strange
Gavin Strange is a Jack of all trades – and pretty good at them all

Senior designer at Aardman by day and freelance designer working under the moniker of Jam Factory by night, Gavin Strange uses his account to share his passion for design and bikes.

27. Brand Nu

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram: Brand Nu
For polished, slick artwork, follow Radim Malinic – Brand Nu – on Instagram

Speaking of #36daysoftype (see no 20), as we write this you’ll find the latest contributions from British creative director Radim Malinic, aka Brand Nu, on his Instagram account. Keep up to date with his latest work and speaking adventures on Instagram.

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